MartialTheatre.com born as an extension of the already existing site www.selfdefwom.com, witch focus on female into martial arts videos. This project is more focused on female martial arts , due to our times, that presents often many dangers expecially for female who are walking alone on the streets, for example.

Any young girl or women, expert and trained in martial arts or not, can handle and manage a difficult situation, like an aggression. We produce videos for gyms, demonstrations, tv adds using all our professional experience as video makers and producers, also creating many fiction situations, both indoor and outdoor.

Our production team is made by one real actor/stuntman, a real cameraman/stuntman and video editor, both with more than 10 years of experience, in this field too, and of course by our awesome girls all with martial arts and fighting sports experiences, aged between 18 and 45.