Martina, judo black belt and selfefnse expert, shows and explains you different and effective selfdefense techniques aganist attacks with different ty ...
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The deadly kickboxingchampion Nataly demolish and destroies the poor sparring target Bob in two different situation. Amazing and strong kicking action ...
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Valentina, tkd black belt, in this video totally destroies the poor "Bob" with her deadly tkd skills, wearing white gi trousers, black sports bra and ...
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Watch how our and skilled kung fu expert Lauren destroies and truly brutalizes the poor Bob. She is just so brutal, and very powerfull. Part 3 of 3. L ...
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Our two new ju jitsu girls, Lulu' and Meresa, show you all their selfdefense skills in this ju jitsu duo system video. Different kind of attacks for ...
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